Translating Bakemonogatari BD/DVD Commentary

Hi, everyone that reads my blog. Starting today, i’ll be having a wasting-time project which is translating Bakemonogatari BD/DVD Commentary. I don’t know how long it will take, but i’ll do my best to translate it.

Omimon at asuki gives me a link to a blog that has chinese scripts of the commentary. So i’ll translate it based on that scripts. Hopefully my translation will be acceptable.

And to my friends, Panda. I’ll be counting on your help on assisting me in translation.


Tsubasa: Hi, it’s starting, it’s starting. Thank you very much for buying Bakemonogatari Vol 1 Hitagi Crab BD/DVD. I am Hanekawa Tsubasa, 3rd year student of Naosetsu Private High School.

Hitagi: No no, Hanekawa. Although you’ve been greeting people nicely, but this scene is shocking. Oh pantsu~sama, pantsu~sama is seen*. Is this broadcasted nationally?

Tsubasa: That can’t be helped right.

Hitagi: Can’t be helped? Unexpectedly, Hanekawa’s chastity is quite low.

Tsubasa: Is that so?

Hitagi: By the way, I’m a good sense, no bound girl*, hi, everyone. Senjougahara Hitagi, also a 3rd year student of Naosetsu Private High School.

Tsubasa: No bound girl, I guess listener already knows exactly how great Senjougahara is.

Hitagi: This weird scene, I don’t know anything about it right?

Tsubasa: Yes. By the way, have you heard anything from Araragi~kun?

Hitagi: He hasn’t told me anything.

Tsubasa: This event is happened on spring break. Ah you can see one of my three braided hair there.

Hitagi: This scene also happened without me knowing?

Tsubasa: Look’s like it.

Hitagi: Looks like tonight, i’ll having a nice “conversation” with Araragi.

Tsubasa: This battle scene is good.

Hitagi: So Araragi does these kind of things.

Tsubasa: Ah, it’s almost finished.

Hitagi: Finally it begins.


Hitagi: Ah, Araragi is running.

Tsubasa: He’s gonna be late.

Hitagi: This happen all the times.

Tsubasa: These stairs are amazing. You can’t just blame people if they’re late.

Hitagi: But, Araragi has two sister waking him up everyday, how come he is still late?

Tsubasa: Now that you mention it, you’re right.

Hitagi: Heroine’s debut.

Tsubasa: Ah your debut.

Hitagi: In other words, I’m gonna be late too.

Tsubasa: No, from other student’s point of view that doesn’t see this, it should already be late?

Tsubasa: Ah, this is how 5 kg falling.

Hitagi: Yes, it’s falling.

Tsubasa: You’ll die if no one catches you.

Tsubasa: Eventhough, this time Araragi feels so cold.

Hitagi: I don’t know what’s been misunderstood. But it’s not a misunderstanding*.

Tsubasa: Very aware.

Hitagi: Araragi looks cool this time.

Tsubasa: Looking at this now, it brings back memories.

Hitagi: What? My breast has been touched?

Tsubasa: Though Araragi having a cool monologue.

Hitagi: Tonight’s “conversation” will go on forever.

Hitagi: Feels so nauseous.

Tsubasa: Feels nauseous, right.

I also appreciate helps from people that understand Chinese. As you know, Bakemonogatari commentary is one of a hell conversation that evens Saitou Chiwa is complaining. Just leave a comment here if you wanna help in translating.




Finally i find out how people with very bad luck feels…
Yes, this week alone, i’ve already encountered 2 event that each of event even (no pun intended) considered very very very bad luck.

The first one… My bike’s pedal broke, and i must spent 750k to repair it.
The second one, happened 3 days after, i lost my ipod SHUFFLE (that cost me around 700k).

Haiz… I dont know what should i lament again. Almost 1.5 million fly away from me in one week at the start of year. Is it because i dont do enough good deeds? Hopefully, this unlucky event will last shortly.

Just another mumble jumble…


New season new expectation… Cold as winter indeed…

Well, this is the start of new season of anime series. Winter 2010. As for this season, nothing much expected. Yap, just like the title. Cold as winter indeed…

But cold as winter, there is some “warmth” there. Quite a few title that i expected.

– Dhurara

From the creator of Baccano!, Dhurara is a light novel series that got animated by Brain’s Base. My number one expectation this season. I already saw the preview video and it looks promising. Hope it wont dissapoint me.

Mikado Ryuugamine: Toshiyuki Toyonaga
Masaomi Kida: Mamoru Miyano
Anri Sonohara: Kana Hanazawa
Izaya Orihara: Hiroshi Kamiya
Shizuo Heiwajima: Daisuke Ono
Shinra Kishitani: Jun Fukuyama

From the seiyuu cast, looks promising right? We got Mamoru Miyano, Hiroshi Kamiya, Daisuke Ono, Jun Fukuyama and Kana Hanazawa line up here.

– Ookami Kakushi

Collaboration of Ryukishi07 and PeachPit, Ookami Kakushi is one title to be waited for. But until now, i only got little information regarding this title. Hopefully this will not fail as a certain seacat out there.

– Seikon no Qwaser

Sasha: Yuko Sanpei
Mafuyu: Ayumi Fujimura
Tomo: Aki Toyosaki
Teresa: Minori Chihara (the only one held over from the Drama CD)
Kacha: Aya Hirano
Miyuri: Ayako Kawasumi
Hana: Yoko Hikasa
Fumika: Kana Hanazawa

My fanservice anime from this season. Seikon no Qwaser is an action anime based on manga by Yoshino Hiroyuki and Satou Kenetsu. Why i say this is fanservice anime? It supposed to have two version. One is censored version, and another is uncensored version. Now you know what i mean right…

Ehem ehem, i already read a few chapter from the manga, and the story is quite good. So i’ll be downloading (the uncensored version) this.

– Nodame Cantabile: Finale

Ah another title that i waited for so long. The finale of Nodame lore. Will she be able to conquer the heart of Chiaki Shinichi. I’ll be savouring the final chapter of Nodame. He he he…

So this 4 title will be on my download list this season, with Kimi no Todoke as the continuation of fall title. And there is another one that i awaited. Katanagatari, but it is an OVA, that comes out once a month, so i dont include this title.


Happy New Year 2010

New Year New Resolution New Spirit, but same old problem…
It’s all about how do i survive the day, how do i get my next episode of , how do i get my hand on my next wishlist.

So what’s the point of having new year then if in fact, the basic main problems remain unchanged?
But after all, new year means, new event, new day, new problem (the fact that we’re getting closer to 2012, LOL)…

So after partying for last day of 2009 and spending the rest of my holiday with sickness because of Durian, Fried Chicken, and Vodka Mix, here it is. My first unfortunate event…

My bike pedal broke. And that’s gonna cost me something. Auch…
Btw, i’m not gonna bother with sad story in the very first week of new year.

Quoting Danny Choo, “Don’t write down your resolution, just do it !!!”


My Favourite Anime of 2009

Hi all,

Hmm, it’s been ages since i last updated my blog. Well, lazy and busy is the reason of not updating my blog here. He he he… Btw, it’s been end of year already here. Do you guys out there at the end of year too?
So now i wanna share some of anime title that fascinating me for this year. Without further ado, let’s introduce them !!!

1. Bakemonogatari
SHAFT – Nishio Ishin
My most favourite anime for 2009. ^o^ I’ve been anticipating it since i saw the trailer on 5th month of 2009. And, yes, it is very fascinating. Bakemonogatari is a light novel made by Nishio Ishin, one of the reowned author in Japan. Its story resolve about a boy named Araragi Koyomi that encounters mystic occurence in his surroundings.

What is Bakemonogatari’s strong points? I will say, it is nearly everything. It’s base composition is good, (even the director of the series, Akiyuki Shinbo said, Bakemonogatari will always be masterpiece regardless any studio that worked on this project). Mixed with unique style of SHAFT, Bakemonogatari turns out to be gold mine to SHAFT. With average sales of 50.000 (combined both DVD and BD up until 3rd volume), Bakemonogatari is one of the most successful anime series that ever sold.

Another plus point is of course its main heroine (the one in the picture above). Named Senjougahara Hitagi. She is the one that spreads Senjougahara Fascination among anime fans out there. Her characterization is unique. She labels herself as tsundere, but she is nowhere near tsundere character. In fact she has no normal feelings as human because *ups spoiler… Her choice of weapon is stationary (anything from ballpoint, ruler, stapler). Her interaction with Araragi is one of the plus point that make Bakemonogatari is very interesting.

However, even with all the superiority in story, characterization, music, not everyone enjoying Bakemonogatari. Because Bakemonogatari is very heavyly indulged in conversation. Yes, most of Bakemonogatari is quick conversation between two characters in it. So if you’re not into anime that having talks a lot, yeah, this is not your thing.

Senjougahara Fascination !!!

2. Cross Game
Synergy SP – Adachi Mitsuru
The latest manga from Adachi Mitsuru. Done by Synergy SP in 52 episodes and still running. Obviously one of the black horse this year. No one has any high expectation in this title, and yet its first episode has shocked many anime fans out there.

I myself has read the manga up until volume 11. And i am personally very enjoying this manga. The relationship between Kitamura Kou and Aoba Tsukishima is very interesting to watch. Many will try to compare this series to other baseball series by Adachi~sensei. But i can say this. Cross Game is very entertaining to watch. And Synergy SP is doing a very good job here animating Cross Game.

So sit back and enjoy a highschool baseball drama, and hopefully you will shed your tears after watching eps 1 of Cross Game.

3.  Higashi no Eden
Production IG – Kenji Kamiyama
Another show by one of main director of Production IG. Higashi no Eden is fascinating in one of its way. Being backed up by many key staff of Production IG, including Kenji Kawai as its music composer and Chika Umino as its character desginer, Higashi no Eden has been on high anticipation. And yes, it’s very excellent pieces.

Set in three years after current time, Higashi no Eden is a conspiracy themed anime. Not many anime title that takes conspiracy theme as its main theme. And yet Kenji Kamiyama is doing a very good job in directing this. For 13 episodes, you’ll follow the life of Akira Takizawa, a man without any memory and with a 8 billion yen, and Morimi Saki, a normal girl that happens to encounter Akira.

Too bad, it does not ends in 13 episode, as two sequel movies is announced. The first movie, titled King of Eden, is already premiered in Japan a while back.

Noblesse Oblige, May you always serves the country.

4. Kimi ni Todoke
Production IG – Karuho Shiina
When i first hearing Production IG adapting a shoujo manga into anime, i was going, “Hah??” I mean, i never hear a good shoujo anime by Production IG (Indeed, there is one i recently just watched, Tokyo Marble Chocolate). So i kinda excited by what kind of work Production IG will present to us.

And yes, it was done magnificently. The artwork is beautiful. Production IG even hires SENS Project, (composer that used to work with dorama series) to compose its music. Kimi ni Todoke became an anime that has great artwork combined with a masterpiece composition that will sooth your soul. And Noto Mamiko is great choice as Suwako Kuronuma. Her voice is so soothing to be heard. So, if you’re looking for a heart warming shoujo drama, Kimi ni Todoke is a great choice for you.

Do a good deeds each day.

5. Zoku Natsume Yuujinchou
Brain’s Base – Yuki Midorikawa
Zoku Natsume Yuujinchou is a sequel to Natsume Yuujinchou, based on a manga by Yuki Midorikawa. It is about a boy that can see youkai. Natsume Yuujinchou is another black horse that not many pays attention to it. But Brain’s Base success in converting its to a heart warming drama that anyone can enjoy. Anyway i have not many to say because all Natsume Yuujinchou can offer is a story about friendship, not extravagant one like any shounen anime, but a simpler friendship between human and youkai.

One i would like to make a note is its OP and ED. Ano Hi no Time Machine by Long Shot Party and Aishiteru by Kourin are a very good song. If you dont like Natsume Yuujinchou, at least hear these songs.

Friendship knows no boundaries.

6. Summer Wars
Madhouse – Mamoru Hosada
The latest work of Mamoru Hosada, director of Toki o Kakeru Shoujo. Actually this is not released yet on DVD, but some good guys on South Korea provides a leak from cinema version. So yeah, i gladly download it to watch.

First impression is, Digimon !!! Ehem ehem, yeah this is so Digimon-in-reality like. Its story is about our personality in internet. There is some application like facebook or twitter or friendster or any social networking, that apparently got into chaos, then a big family, with a stranger boy try to stop the chaos on the internet.

7. Needless
Madhouse – Kami Imai
GAR GAR GAR !!! Moe Moe Moe !!! Needless is a perfect combination of those both element. It simply too amazing to be explained by words. At some point, it will become the most GAR anime shows this year, but yet at some point, this will be the most erotic shows this year. Just see it for yourself damnit !!!


Fiuh, just finished ranting… Basically they are some shows that have my interest too, like Kara no Kyoukai, but that is from 2008, so i’m not bothering input that show into this year as many of you there already knows the greatest adaptation of Type Moon works. Hopefully you can enjoy this 7 shows as much as i do.

Nite !!!


Senjougahara Fascination

Hitagi Crab

Hitagi Crab

Yeah, i know it’s late. It only needs 5 eps of Bakemonogatari to produce a new legacy in history of anime, Senjougahara Fascination !!! I’m proud to tell that, me myself has already fallen into Senjoughara Fascination itself.

Now, who is this Senjougahara? Why can she hynotized many of anime fans out there?

Warning, article below may contain spoilers!!!

Senjougahara Hitagi (戦場ヶ原 ひたぎ) is the main heroine from Bakemonogatari series. Bakemonogatari is a 2 volume novel created by Nisio Isin, and now being made into a 15-episode anime by SHAFT. Hitagi first appear in Hitagi Crab Chapter, as the main heroine that being cursed become a weightless girl by a crab she met. Because of that, she avoided everyone else, and threathen them if they found out her secret. It was Araragi Koyomi that breaks the curse for her.

Why is she so fascinating? Because she is not like any character that ever been made into anime before. She claim herself as a tsundere, but she is nowhere near tsundere character. She is direct (very direct) in voicing her thought. Everything she did is so extreme (like how she threathen Araragi with a stapler in his mouth or a pen ready to poke into his eye) Is she a Yandere? Not exactly. She is not like someone that can laughing happily while her partner is hurt. And she can give a damn fanservice where no one expected it.

Araragi plays a part into shaping Senjougahara unique character. As he is a perfect partner for receiving Senjougahara’s verbal abusing. I never seen any of conversation between them (intense yet so interesting and funny) bored me.

Senjougahara: “Did I shock you?”

Araragi: “You look like you’re ready to kill someone when you do that.”

Senjougahara: “When I kill someone, it’ll be you Araragi. I’ve decided to make you my first victim. I wont pick anyone beside you. I’ll promise that.”

Araragi: “I dont want any of that twisted love.”

Senjougahara: “Isnt it romantic? If I kill you, I’ll be the one closest to you when you die.”

Araragi: “I dont want it. I prefer to be kill by anyone but you. I rather be killed in anyway other than how you kill me.”

Senjougahara: “Why? Do you hate me so much? When anyone else kill you, i’ll kill that person. I’ll have to keep my promise.”

That is just a part on many interesting conversation (more like verbal war) between Senjougahara and Araragi. That kind of conversation has held me captive inside Senjougahara Fascination. Why Senjougahara Fascination? Not Senjougahara Moe? or SenjougaharaDere? Find out the answer in eps 5 of Bakemonogatari.

At last but not least, hope SHAFT will make the prequel and sequel of Bakemogatari. It’ll be nice to see more Senjougahara in the sequel of Bakemonogatari. As maybe she’ll become one of the most influencing girl character in anime history. SENJOUGAHARA FASCINATION !!!

Hitagi Crab

Hitagi Crab


Bad news always be bad news

Today, i got a very shocking news. My auntie has passed away this morning. I think, what so suddenly? Yeah, i know she’s been admitted to hospital, but i never thought it will be so soon. So, tomorrow i’ll be flying back to Medan, helping in her funeral. Yeah, nothing much to write. I kinda hate bad news, well, everyone hates bad news. Who doesnt?

My flight is tomorrow 7am. Hopefully i can wake up 4am. Ha ha ha…

N another bad news is, my housemate motor has been stolen. WHAAT?!! None of my business, but yeah, today his, next day maybe mine. Hopefully, it doesnt happen.

Okay, time to pack. Ciao.. Medan, here i come…


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